Apple's iPhone 5 Price in India

Although Apple hasn't made an official announcement regarding the iPhone 5 price in India or its release date, certain e-retailers in the country are already selling the smartphone. It is up for grabs through online vendors like Tradus, Rediff Shopping and eBay.

Prices through online retailers in India:
- Tradus 16GB: Rs. 59,500
- Tradus 32GB: Rs. 73,599
- Tradus 64GB: Rs. 86,699
- Rediff 16GB: upwards from Rs. 54,900
- Rediff 32GB: Rs. 79,990
- Rediff 64GB: Rs. 89,990
- eBay 16GB: upwards from Rs. 56,250
- eBay 32GB: upwards from Rs. 91,000
- eBay 64GB: upwards from Rs. 109,990