WISE: Carry your TV

As the name suggests, WISE stands for Wireless, Interactive, Smart, and Entertainment Network. Now it’s a patented technology which can send AV transmission or signal distribution, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint, and moving receivers.

Going beyond single screen now by downloading WISE TV application one can also view Wise TV real time transmission over their smart-phones; notebook receive
rs, 3 G TABS (GSM) and rich media PDAs; and as an extension of television which could be viewed out of the home. Wise TV is a true form of digital television delivering improved picture and sound quality as good as viewing TV channel on DTH platform.

Our programming is well researched and has been designed for providing the whole new digital experience by broadcasting News, Stock, Bollywood, Sports, Super hit Songs and Sitcoms, Comedy, Lifestyle & Travel, all spiced up with in-house Manoranjan-ka-Tadka to turn a mundane travelling time into a pleasurable and entertaining experience.