Sanpei Optics

Sanpei Optics combines sunglasses and earbuds into one Sunglasses with built-in earphones, now where have we heard that one before? This is most definitely not a new concept and has been seen before in the Oakleys Thump pair of sunglasses, probably one of the more odd-looking sunglasses we’ve seen to date. Now if you aren’t a fan of the Thumps and wanted something a bit more sleek and subtle, the
n this Indiegogo project for Sanpei Optics might be something worth taking a look at. As you can see in the photo above, Sanpei Optics combines a pair of sunglasses with integrated earbuds into a simpler and cleaner look, and the good news is that the earbuds can actually be detached, allowing the sunglasses to be worn normally.

There are two models the project is trying to create – the I.M.I.O (Inspire Me, Inspire Others) and the G.I.Y.A (Give It Your All). The difference between the two is that the I.M.I.O has been designed for prescription lenses in mind, while the G.I.Y.A isn’t. If you’re interested in getting your hands on either sunglass when the project is successfully funded, an early-bird special will let you buy it at $90, with its normal price set at $150. More info on the sunglasses can be found on its Indiegogo page where you will also be able to pledge a donation.