IE hijacking vulnerability Fix

 Microsoft releases a Fix it solution to prevent Internet Explorer hijacking vulnerability...

*Microsoft has successfully released a ‘Fix it solution’ for the recently discovered targeted attack, CVE-2012-4792. This attack was specifically targeted at users of Internet Explorer versions 6, 7 and 8. Users of Internet Explorer 9 and 10 were not affected.

*The attack exploited a vulnerability that allowed an attacker to literally hijack a PC and gain remote code execution over an infected PC. This vulnerability could be exploited when Internet Explorer accessed objects in the memory that had been deleted (or improperly allocated) previously. Attackers had found ways to design websites that would exploit this vulnerability. However, they did need to use social engineering tricks to get victims to visit those pages in the first place. Additionally, malicious downloads and email attachments could also be manipulated to exploit this vulnerability. Once compromised, a machine could run arbitrary codes sent by the attacker from remote servers.