Reports say: 50 million smartphones shipped, $817 million profit, Go-Go Lenovo

Lenovo has reported its Q4 FY14 financial results and the full financial report of year 2013-2014 that ended on March 31, 2014. The company has reported revenue of US $9.4 billion for Q4 FY14, which increased 19-percent year-over-year.  The company also reported full-year revenue of US$38.7 billion, which is up about 14-percent year-over-year.

Thus, the company reported profit of $817 million, up 29% YTY. The company shipped about 115 million device in the year which includes 55 million PCs, 9.2 million tablets and 50 million smartphones.

Lenovo is at top in global PC segment with about 17.7% market share while HP is following with about 17.2% market share. As the company has now acquired Motorola, the smartphone-shipment of the company is expected to reach 100 million in the coming year.

Source: Internet.

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