Nvidia launches Hotfix driver for G-Sync issues

Nvidia releases a hot fix driver for the people out there with G-Sync monitors having issues in windowed and full-screen modes. This driver is still considered as a "beta" driver and is not been officially WHQL certified yet, as this driver is just released after a week with the release of fully-certified driver. Some users are also reporting that this driver helps improve performance in some SLI configurations as well although it wasn’t mentioned in the release note. One of the game titles that is seeing improved SLI scaling is said to be The Witcher 3.

Nvidia isn't the only one releasing a driver this week, and it seems the company's driver issues aren't as long-winded as others, with only G-Sync users being affected. No other official improvements are listed for driver 358.59, but users may still see additional performance gains.

To download the driver click here

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